Header - Elaine Potoker, PH.D. Loeb Sullivan School of Intl. Business and Logistics
A View of the Pasantías (Stays) with my Colegas Ticos, by Elaine S. Potoker, Ph.D.

Week of Aug 27

~teaching. Hard to believe that September is around the corner and that I’ve been here almost a month. For my undergraduate students who still remember me, guess what? Yes, they have name cards–seniors with name cards. Of course, they have not had to deal with name cards for 4 years, as you may recall. Those cards really work: The class this past Tuesday was animated; I’m learning their names. I’m enjoying it. This week we covered decision making and the Director of Logistics of Intel was a guest speaker. They chose Costa Rica to build a major corporate center.
Good news!: The School of Business Administration at UCR was rated the best in Costa Rica by La Nación this week.
~Research. I made up my pre-diagnostic research questions this past week. These will help me develop the real questions for the survey I plan to do on my fieldwork (see left column for details). I have two appointments on Monday, September 3.