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A View of the Pasantías (Stays) with my Colegas Ticos, by Elaine S. Potoker, Ph.D.

9-24 – 9-30 Puntarenas & Puerto Calderas

Puerto Calderas: About 2-1/2 hours east of San José is Puerto Calderas on the Pacific Coast. It is a significant port for import of such goods as iron, vehicles, paper, banana, bagged cement, fertilizers, salt and fruits as well as bulk salt, corn, soy, wheat, malt, rice, fertilizers, sand. On the export side (formally a […]

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My schedule does not give me much time for tourism; however, to not see some of the country while I’m here would be ridiculous. Right? (yes) San José: 9-22/23. Decided to check out some museums while here: The Gold Museum–an unbelievable collection of gold dating from the Pre-Columbian era; The Costa Rican Museum of Art, […]

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Sept. 3 – 7; Sept. 10 – 14

Sept. 3-7, aside from teaching responsibilities, I accomplished 3 high level interviews with the following organizations: INCOP, FUNDES, and PROCOMER. INCOP is the Port Authority for the Pacific; FUNDES mission involves working to develop small to medium-sized businesses internally. PROCOMER continues where FUNDES leaves off to assist companies with their exporting activities. Several themes are […]

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