Header - Elaine Potoker, PH.D. Loeb Sullivan School of Intl. Business and Logistics
A View of the Pasantías (Stays) with my Colegas Ticos, by Elaine S. Potoker, Ph.D.

Nov. 10 – 19: Highlights…I miss Thanksgiving!

Well, if I were anyone, I wouldn’t want to read anything about my interviews, etc. I wove my way this week through Ministries, etc.

So I figure that “food” is where we all need to be at this time of year. I ate some amazing dishes today at a Christmas party that the Research Institute (IICE) put together. I haven’t posted those dishes yet because I don’t know the names of the some of the dishes I ate! Staff cooperated to build a portal together– loosely translated, “a Christmas Nativity scene .” What an effort is was! It was the first time they had ever done it, and it was part of a holiday competition within the University. I hope they win. Truly, it was a lovely design and combination of textures, animal groupings, sand, rocks, lights, pine branches and more. And, to accompany the event was this amazing indigenous food. So, check out “Food” sometime soon. I will probably move that section up to always be what folks read first.

Weather is changing to summer with sunny days and a breeze. Ticos complain of the cold (¡qué frío!) when, for me, it is springtime (or early Fall!). A combination of wind, rain, and 60 degrees and people feel congelados (frozen). The Tico does not tolerate this “coolness” well. The gripe (a bad cold) is commonplace right now. I am frequently asked how New Englanders survive the winters.

Of course, Christmas is a month away. How weird it is seeing Christmas trees in the trunks of cars or on trucks when there is no snow. But, so it is. I am feeling so…sad about leaving so soon. I ask, why didn’t I go for a year on a Fulbright. But, alas, leaving a home in winter…in Maine…is risky. And so, it was the right decision, as difficult as it was…and is still. What a wonderful experience. I hope I have the opportunity to share it with you when I return.