Frankly, there are few shortcuts when it comes to the doing of marketing research and analysis. Even “going international” successfully depends on context. Much like a captain that consults charts to determine how to navigate through calm and rough seas, marketing research and analysis is your invaluable compass on the road to competitive advantage. Branding decisions (i.e., what shapes who you are and how others see “what matters” in your organization) are influenced by many factors: organizational culture, local, regional and international contexts, competition, industry trends, and more. In short, have you done your homework, and do you do your homework on an ongoing basis? Additionally,

  • Do you know how to obtain customer feedback, conduct interviews and focus groups?
  • Do you know how to design a research effort, a marketing plan, and to turn a problem you are facing into an opportunity?
  • Have you audited your brand internally and externally? Is your brand tangible in the mind of your employees, customers, and other stakeholders?

Let Interloqui®️ be your trusted market research and analysis Partner in such efforts. Below are several testimonials regarding Interloqui®️’s founder, Dr. Elaine Potoker, and the value she’s added to organizations in their discovery processes:

For opening doors:

“Our company, Vigorous Mind, Inc., offers a customer engagement and brain wellness platform targeting senior living communities in assisted living and memory care. I have been working with Elaine Potoker of Interloqui®️ for over a year. She is a multi-talented individual, adept and experienced in evaluating and developing organizational effectiveness and marketing opportunities. Worth noting: she is outstanding at obtaining information that no else seems able to find that has been very useful to our business. As a client of Interloqui®️, our company also relies on Dr. Potoker as a distribution partner for our platform in the States of Maine and New Hampshire where she has done an excellent job both selling, training, and supporting our clients. However, I often count on her for her insight and strong marketing and organizational skills for many aspects of our business.

I highly recommend Dr. Potoker/Interloqui®️’s services as described.”

Yuval Malinsky
Vigorous Mind, Inc.

For research and analysis expertise:

“Dr. Potoker’s expertise in research design, implementation, interviews and focus group facilitation (qualitative research) was appreciated and valuable in the work we completed for the International Association of Maritime Universities (funded by the Nippon Foundation).”

Capt. Dr. James R. Parsons
Academic Director
School of Maritime Studies
Marine Institute of Memorial University
St. John’s, Newfoundland
Canada A1C 5R3

For insight into competitive advantage at a country level:

“The IICE is an organization responsible for economic investigation for the University of Costa Rica (UCR). In doing this work, the organization interacts with the Schools/Departments of Economics, Statistics, and Business and Public Administration. This interdisciplinary interaction explains why Dr. Potoker’s work in areas such as international commerce, strategic management, marketing and qualitative research were attractive to us, along with her fluency in Spanish. In fact, she was invited on two occasions to collaborate with our institution—once in 2007 under a traditional Fulbright grant with the School of Business Administration in a teaching/research capacity, and again in 2012 as a Senior Specialist in Economics. For each Fulbright stay, she offered insight into challenges and opportunities to Costa Rican competitive advantage in international trade and in logistics.”

Lic. Max Soto
Institute for the Investigation in Economic Science
University of Costa Rica
San Pedro Montes de Oca, Costa Rica

For project management and leadership:

“I first met Elaine Potoker in 2010, when she joined our research team. Dr. Potoker was very valuable to our results for several reasons: 1) Her expertise in research design and qualitative research methods; 2) Her ability to facilitate and lead round tables and focus groups with academics and maritime professionals, and the analysis of the collected primary data; 3) She also managed the communication with selected experts and industry stakeholders for the collection of data and presented the team’s work in a conference (ECONSHIP 2011). All these activities were critical to the success of the project. She is very experienced in leading research and orchestrating a team.”

Dr. Maria Progoulaki
Shipping and Ports Laboratory (RE-SHIPS)
Dept. of Shipping, Trade and Transport
University of the Aegean, Chios, Greece