“Getting ready” means assessing those internal factors and outreach networks that must be in place to optimize business success and long-term relationships with overseas customers: Cash flow (how will I get paid?); market research (selectively evaluating which country or countries represent a potential opportunity); training (management, logistics, inventory management, intercultural communications), and more. These issues all relate to one another. And, they are critical considerations for organizations of all sizes that are just getting started or already experienced in doing international business …selectively. So while foreign markets may look attractive (sexy?), doing one’s homework is essential. Interloqui®️ is your trusted Partner in Development in this process.

A Business Example:

The smallest company in terms of number of employees in Interloqui®️’s client history was a company of one person that produced artisan products. When the owner and artisan contacted Interloqui®️ to explore overseas opportunities for her hand-crafted baskets, she was working out of her garage with her two children playing nearby. Over the course of six months, the business owner discovered there were many factors to be addressed in order to “get ready” for doing business overseas. Those factors included, but were not limited to: her need for management training, marketing research to position the products distinctively from others and address company and product branding issues, product adaptation considerations, cash flow, and evaluation of human resource needs.

Most importantly, throughout the “getting ready” process, Interloqui®️ was there for this client and believed in the owner’s (& family’s) dream. In time, and through collaboration, this company expanded its reach to new (unanticipated) market sectors in the U.S., such as the visual arts department of a major retail department store, and to the interior design sector in Japan.

Regardless of your business size or the scope of the potential project under consideration, contact Interloqui®️. We will be your partner and trusted sounding board to explore the feasibility of selective international business development.