Interloqui® is your trusted Partner to:

  • Develop and align organizational culture with growth and development strategies;
  • Develop and implement an equity strategy for your organization;
  • Develop training in cross-cultural expertise;
  • Design tools/instruments to assess human performance;
  • Apply best practices in market research and analysis to survey and report employee and customer feedback. All of the above optimizes your recruitment efforts to hire the right people. And, by the way, the founder and Director of Interloqui®️, Elaine Potoker, is a recognized resource on the subject of human resources in an international context and author of International Human Resource Development: A Leadership Perspective (2011): Routledge, London, UK).
  • Noted psychological anthropologist, Dr. Erika Bourguignon, points to her extensive experience in human resource development:

As before, Potoker draws on her extensive experience as practitioner, scholar and teacher in the field of international business to lead the reader through a remarkable journey of self-discovery. Whether this reader is an experienced professional in the field or a novice, all will appreciate her vivid exploration of the complexities of an ever changing terrain. The human resources manager of a company working in an international field will be aware of many of the issues Potoker raises, but most likely not all of them. In fact, we may ask whether any company in the 21st century may be said to be unaffected by issues of international complexity and workplace diversity. Moreover, Potoker’s approach will not only offer much that is new to professionals in Human Resources Development, but importantly provide them with the tools they need to learn, and to teach their staffs, the many important insights this book offers.

Erika Bourguignon, Ph.D.
Professor emerita
Dept of Anthropology
The Ohio State University

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